Simple, easy to follow videos to help you be the best you can be. These are not ‘insanity’ workouts for buffed gym jocks. These videos are for real people that want to make real changes. Each video post is made because I love to share what I know and I want to show you how easy it can be to build your body better.

Medicine Ball Core Workout Video
Fast & Fun Fitness: Squat/Lunge Variation
Amanda's Box/Step Workout
Fast & Fun Fitness: Mountain Climbers
Fast & Fun Fitness with Troy
Fast & Fun Fitness: Quads & Shoulders
Fast & Fun Fitness: Dumbbell Workout
5 Powerful Kettlebell Exercises
Fast & Fun Fitness: Troybuilt Push-Ups
Yoga-Chi Flow (Sun Salutation Variation)
Holiday Survival Workout
Fast & Fun Fitness: Shoulders & Legs
Full Body Exercise Routine
Power Plank Series
Chest & Core Routine
Core Work on Stability Ball & Planks
Fast & Fun Fitness: The Cat/Cow Exercise
Fast & Fun Fitness: Glutes
Fast & Fun Fitness: Glutes & Low Back
Fast & Fun Fitness: Chest & Core
Fast & Fun Fitness: Power Lunge Jump Exercise
Yoga Sequence for Better Digestion

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