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Are you ready to change your body and improve your life? Take the Troybuilt 6 Week Fitness Challenge! Daily and weekly challenges. Earn prizes for peak performance. This contest is open to everyone. Participate via the Troybuilt Fitness Facebook page  and/or email.

I challenge you to improve your health and fitness level. Are you ready? If you are and you’re serious about results, join my Spring into Summer Fitness Challenge. It’s a 6-week program focused on daily and weekly challenges to help you increase your activity level and your healthy behavior. Behavior that leads to long lasting change. It’s easy! Just check your email in-box or check out the Troybuilt Fitness Facebook page daily to learn what the challenge for that day will be. Then…take the challenge! Work hard, earn points, report those point and earn prizes. Plus you’ll be getting in your best shape ever! Sign-up here by clicking the Buy Now button below. There is a $50 entrance fee to help pay for prizes. For clients that I see weekly, you may also sign-up when we meet. Be yer best! Starting June 1.

6 week fitness challenge information

6 week fitness challenge information

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Contact me if you have any questions. Let’s get fit for life! Here’s what some past participants have said about the Challenge:

“Though I consider myself to be really fit and active, your challenge made me realize some of the things I was missing—like truly balanced meals. I can’t believe my body fat dropped from 12.8 to 8.2. Thank you Troy!”

– Frank

“I joined the challenge thinking that it would be the little push of incentive that I needed to lose some weight and get into better shape.  I have found that it has been that and a lot more.”   

“The challenge every day is balancing time and energy.  I have more than full time job and more than enough volunteer and family projects to keep me busy beyond the hours in a day that I have energy to keep going.  The trick now is to find the optimum time in the day to get quality exercise.  I have learned you don’t want to put it off till later when you are tired and are more likely to crack a cold beer and call it a day.  I now try to plan on getting up every morning and start the day with some exercise, if you get it in early you don’t have to make excuses and if you have energy later for more that’s a bonus.”

“I turned 60 years old during the challenge, I feel great and really enjoy that people have complimented me on looking good.”   

“The TFC has been a lifestyle change for me and I plan on continuing thru the rest of my life, because I think I can get better.  Not sure if I will be named a winner of the 2012 competition, but I feel like I have won.”


“The Fitness Challenge was 12 weeks of personal highs and lows. It was always fun to find out that your score was not the lowest, but when or if it was, it was a big disappointment. Every week we were presented with new and interesting goals. I found the food challenges easier than being able to meet some of the exercise goals but others found the opposite. In all, it was great Fitness Challenge.”

– Morris