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Fast & Fun Fitness: Power Lunge Jump Exercise

Build strong and powerful legs with this movement. Try adding it to your circuit, perform the jumps for one full minute if you can. After you work up to a full minute add more full minute sets to your workout. It’s tough but your legs will love it. You’ll increase your overall metabolic rate, allowing your body burn more calories. It’s a great movement to prepare those legs for the skiing season.

Fast & Fun Fitness: Troybuilt Push-Ups

Troybuilt Push-ups

Starting Position
■  Push up position with your legs straight behind you and your hands directly beneath your shoulders

■  At the top of the push up, lift one arm to the ceiling as you rotate your torso in the same direction
■  Allow your feet to roll to the sides and look at your raised hand
■  At the top of the move, you should be facing sideways and your body should resemble the letter T
■  Return to the starting position and repeat the opposite side

Coaching Keys
■  Keep your body in a straight line from ears to ankles, staying tight through your core.

You Should Feel It
■  Working you chest, shoulders and abs.

Fast & Fun Fitness: Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell exercises and a lifting routine to help you gain more muscle, lose weight, or just get yourself in better physical shape… without the hassles, and expenses of health clubs. Perform 3 sets of 15-20 reps, 3-4 days a week.

Fast & Fun Fitness: Quads & Shoulders

Step back lunge and shoulder press is a great leg and shoulder combo. Try it with a single shoulder press for more core work or double press to save time. The lunge can also be combined with other arm or shoulder exercises. Try the lunge with a side arm raise or with a bicep curl. Again one arm at a time for more core work or together to save time. Be yer best!