We’re here to help you reach your fitness goals and enjoy your best life. You can contact TroyBuilt Fitness with any questions you may have about getting started, but here are some of the most frequent concerns and questions.

How often do I need to train?

It depends on your specific goals and how fast you want to reach them. We’ll talk about your goals, commitments and schedules. Between personal training sessions and classes, we’ll plan an approach to help you reach your best you in a timeframe that’s just right for you. 

How should I begin?

Begin by committing at least 3 months to making changes that will change your life forever. Once you take the first step into Troybuilt Fitness’s front doors we will guide you every step of the way.

Can you help with weight loss?

I’ve got to get to know more about you. Every individual requires a different approach—usually combining cardio, strength training, nutrition, body awareness and more. Each time we meet I get to know you better and determine what’s working, to help you discover your best you.

Gyms are intimidating.

This is not a traditional gym—we are Troybuilt Fitness. This is personal. We uplift, encourage and inspire everyone that comes through our doors to be their best. That’s the TroyBuilt difference!

Can I workout with a friend?

Friends are always welcome. Bring a friend to a class, they workout for free and you get a class credit. Bring a friend to your private training session and if they purchase a package of training sessions you get free training session.

I may not keep up in class.

Our motto at TroyBuilt is to be YOUR best. This is not a competition but a commitment.

Can you help an athlete?

I can show you ways to maximize your workouts and use time more efficiently to continue to get the results you want to help you remain at your peak.

I don’t want to plateau.

That doesn’t happen with TroyBuilt clients. I’ve worked with some clients for years showing them how they can avoid plateaus and continue to change their bodies and their lives.

I’ve had recent surgery/injury.

I’m not a physical therapist but I’ve seen a lot of injuries over the 21 years I’ve been in business and I’m confident I can help you. We’ll work within your limits, and focus on continuing to build your body better.